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Gabriel and Associates, Inc., P.A. provides energy management solutions to large industrial and commercial firms with innovative products and services.  We specialize in energy monitoring, gas turbine co-generation and power quality improvement.  Our accounting background also allows us to offer comprehensive utility rate analysis for added expense reduction.

Energy monitoring focuses on establishing a detailed cost and consumption baseline for industrial plants utilizing Rockwell Automation (aka Allen-Bradley) Power Monitors coupled to Rockwell's RSEnergy Metrix software. Once the baseline is set, any changes to the energy profile for the facility can be quantified immediately.  There is no need to wait for the next utility bill to determine if a change will prove to be cost effective.

If your firm is outside the large commercial or industrial sector, our regional office in Nashville, TN specializes in lower cost metering alternatives at Home Energy Metering.com.  Although most products are geared toward residential monitoring, some can be used for small commercial sub-metering or alternative energy monitoring applications.  If you want to apply some energy monitoring savvy to your home, the site is a great resource.

Good energy management begins with accurate energy monitoring.  From the baseline data, power quality and co-generation feasibility can be assessed.  If power quality readings indicate low power factor, harmonics or voltage instability, we can provide a solution tailored to serve the load at your facility.  The ElectroFlow is a power factor correction product that helps to mitigate harmonics and voltage instability through the use of line reactors.  System performance can be verified with the power monitoring system.

Co-generation offers another opportunity for significant energy cost reduction in large industrial plants provided heat recovery can be deployed to offset steam production costs.  We offer turnkey installations of the Taurus T-60 natural gas turbine generator.  The Taurus T-60 produces over five megawatts of power while delivering 30,000 lbs. of steam per hour.  Supplemental firing can double or quadruple the steam output

Gabriel and Associates, Inc., P.A. has worked with many Fortune 500 companies over the years by helping them to reduce energy management costs.  We are very familiar with the needs and responsibilities of financial officers, engineering managers and facility professionals in these organizations.  If managing energy costs and improving the efficiency of operations is part of your responsibility please contact us.  We can help.

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